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"A pool for pet lovers and meme coins!"

Pool benefits
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WOOF is a reliable and competitive Cardano staking pool designed to maximize rewards to our delegators.

The pool is owned & operated by an IT professional and Cardano Plutus Pioneer. A substantial pledge of 155 thousand ADA (₳) shows our commitment to running high-quality, secure operations. At the same time, fees are kept low: 340 fixed fee and 1% margin fee.

WOOF is proud to support the well-being of abandoned and special-needs companion animals! 10% of the pool's own income will be donated to the tremendous animal charities listed below.

Come join the WOOF pack. You will not only support the cause of animal well-being charities, but also the Cardano developer community!

How can I receive $HOSKY?


WOOF pool is an official HOSKY #RUGPOOLS partner starting in Epoch 317! Check out the Idiots Guide to Hosky to do a deep dive on everything about Hosky such as best ways to acquire the token, all about the NFTs, promotions, and more.

If you delegate with a $HOSKY RUGPOOLS partner, your $HOSKY rewards are based on the amount of $ADA you are delegating, and you also receive bonuses based on the "HOSKY Cash Grab NFTs" and Gnomeskies found in your staking wallet. If your HOSKY Cash Grab NFTs or Gnomeskies have matching traits to the traits assigned to the RUGPOOLS partner, then the bonuses are even higher!

For example, WOOF pool Hosky Cash Grab NFT traits include bandana and sweatband. If you hold Hosky Cash Grab NFTs with traits that match the pool traits, you earn a 2x bonus compared to other Hosky Cash Grab NFTs you are holding. You also receive loyalty bonuses for each epoch that you hold these NFTs with the same rug pool. The loyalty bonus reaches a maximum after delegating to the same rug pool for 5 epochs.

To claim your $HOSKY you should wait for the rewards spreadsheet to be released (typically 24 hours after the epoch ends), and then you send exactly 2 ADA to the Hosky "Rug Pool Doggy Bowl" address and you will receive back ~ 1.6 ADA plus your calculated $HOSKY rewards. Please visit the Hosky discord server to learn about when the rewards spreadsheet has been published, and it is safe to send ADA to the "Rug Pool Doggy Bowl" address.

You may visit the Hosky website to get their "RugPOOL doggie bowl" address. To get the latest information on Rug Pool rewards, please visit the Hosky Discord.

What charities do you support?

Best Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to a No-Kill mission. The history of the organization begins in Utah, where they operate the largest sanctuary for companion animals in the US. This is a place where homeless and special-needs animals can heal, be adopted, or receive lifelong care. You can read about the history of Best Friends here.

Best Friends has expanded to other US cities by partnering with city shelters and rescue groups to form hubs, run adoption centers, and provide essential services to animals.


Utah | New York | Los Angeles | Atlanta | Arkansas | Houston | Pennsylvania

Learn more

An expanding list of animal rescue charities including:
  • Pariah Dog Koh Samui

    Facebook page

    They run a shelter for dogs and cats in Koh Samui (Thailand). They rescue street animal in distress and offer a safe sanctuary until they can be re-homed.

  • Claws, Paws, n' Hooves

    Facebook page

    They are based in Orland, California and treat feral cats to find new homes and rescue abandoned and special-needs kittens.

  • The REAL Bark


    They are a non-profit dog rescue based in Los Angeles, California, who take on the most difficult cases including paralyzed or traumatized animals. REAL stands for Responsible - Ethical - Animal - League.

What pool donations have been made?

WOOF Pool makes donations on an ad hoc basis. The timing of when donations are made is based primarily on how often the pool makes blocks.

Ideally, WOOF pool would make donations directly in ADA. However, the current charity we are focusing on is Best Friends, and they request crypto donations be made to them using a third-party service like The Giving Block or Endaoment DAO. These services deliver the funds to the charity in USDC stable coin. WOOF pool will continue to develop relationships with our charities and help them learn about the Cardano ecosystem. Hopefully, they will want to hold a Cardano wallet in the future.

Donations Accounting
Date ADA Amount Charity Docs Comments
12/06/2021 100 (130 USDC) Best Friends Coinbase receipt
Etherscan confirm
via Giving Block
01/27/2022 500 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Audit of Tx
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
01/31/2022 50 Pariah Dog Koh Samui Cardanoscan Direct
03/08/2022 100 Claws, Paws n' Hooves Cardanoscan Direct
03/25/2022 100 The REAL Bark Cardanoscan
Donation Receipt
04/07/2022 150 Claws, Paws n' Hooves Cardanoscan Direct
05/31/2022 800 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
06/22/2022 250 Claws, Paws n' Hooves Cardanoscan
10/20/2022 1500 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
03/21/2023 1500 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
08/26/2023 2000 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
01/16/2024 1000 Best Friends Cardanoscan
Endaoment receipt
via Endaoment DAO
Total Donations 7050 ADA

Who is the pool operator?

I am Kurt, an IT professional with over twenty years of software development experience as a consultant based in the United States. I appreciate the impact of blockchain technologies and believe Cardano is poised to change the world for the better. I have been learning about digital currencies and blockchain projects since 2017.

In addition to running WOOF pool, I am working to build applications and tooling for Cardano. At present, I'm working on NFT related tooling. My goal is to continue learning how to develop on Cardano, so that I can share my skills with other projects and be able to remain full-time working on Cardano.

My wife and I love animals, and we have three dogs named Zola, Tark, and Steffi. Our dogs bring so much joy to our lives. But, there are so many pets that are abandoned or have been mistreated and need care & shelter. This pool will provide important financial resources to the organizations that provide care to the animals in need.

If you have any questions or want to reach out, you can find me on twitter, email and telegram:

What does the pool run on?

The pool is run on four virtual private servers (VPS) including one block producer, two public relays, and one private relay. These instances are distributed across different data centers in Europe and the United States.

Each VPS is running Ubuntu 22.04 operating system with 14 CPU cores, 36 GB of RAM, and 1500 gigabytes of SSD storage to accommodate growing network usage.

How will the pool be maintained?

This pool is monitored to ensure 24 x 7 access. The monitoring process collects statistics about the health of the operating system as well as the state of the Cardano blockchain. If the state of the system shows any concerns such as the Cardano node not connecting to peers, notifications are sent to the operator to promptly fix the issue.

Your pool operator will maintain the appropriate Cardano node software at all times and follow best-practice security recommendations to ensure the pool maintains high availability.

Why Cardano?

One of the biggest differentiators of Cardano from other blockchains is their philosophy towards designing the protocols used by the network. Cardano relies on the standards of science. IOHK, the company which founded Cardano, recruits domain experts and professors from computer programming, network design, and cryptography to research problems and design solutions. Based on the research, they write academic papers and present them at computing conferences for peer review. This research and peer-review process leads to better design, and it also promotes shared understanding with the broader community in the cryptography/blockchain space. Because of this rigor, Cardano may be slower to market than other blockchain projects, but it also means that Cardano will deliver solutions that are more robust and with less unforeseen issues as compared to other projects. You can read about the research papers authored by Cardano project here.

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, is a great educator. You can learn about what makes Cardano a 3rd generation blockchain by watching his whiteboard talk on YouTube here.

Grayscale, a very prominent digital currency investment company produced a report titled "An Introduction to Cardano". This report provides a good background of the Cardano blockchain including its history and its ecosystem. You can view the report here.

Other resources to learn about Cardano:

How do I stake my ADA?

Perhaps, you are new to Cardano or you just need some help learning how to stake your ADA. Fortunately, there are some nice YouTube Videos on this. Here is one to get you started, but it's easy to find great tutorials on this by searching in YouTube. It would be wonderful if you stake with WOOF Pool!

IOHK video: Delegating in Daedalus